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Marriage Customs, Rituals and Traditions

Marriage is one of the most awaited events in everybody's life. Whether you are a modern man from an elite town or just a village girl of South America, marriage surely brings home dreams and wishes. The history of marriage and rituals associated with it, is as old as the history of mankind. Every culture attaches typical customs and rituals with marriage ceremonies. These rituals are incorporated into the main event. Most of these rituals are associated with good omen and popular practices, undertaken by the bride's and groom's side to wish the married couple a happy marital life. Flip through to know more about the rituals typical to various traditions and cultures.

Most marriages across the world continue for a whole day or two days. Preparations, however, take a longer time. In order to help the guests with fine marriage gift ideas offers a range of gifts. You can also find out about marriage decorations and surprise gifts for the bride and groom from
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