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African Traditions

Africa is the world's second largest continent. Home to some of the most ancient civilizations of the world, Africa is known for its dense forests and unique customs. With a variety of communities, tribes and religious groups thriving in the continent African Traditions are unique in their own way. Beginning from the selection of the bride to all the events are studded with customs and rituals often left aside by many sociologists. While some of these rituals may intrigue the modern mind most of these rituals have a meaning of their own. African Traditions are basically based on the fact that a marriage is not the meeting of two minds only but also the coming together of two families. Although inter tribal marriages are still unthinkable in many pockets of Africa, many are gradually opening up to the concept. Hence, many a times a marriage is the bringing together of two different tribes altogether.

Most of these African Traditions date back to atleast thousand of years ago. As these rituals have been in practice since the beginning of time it is not surprising as to why they are still as much popular. The underlying feature behind all these African Traditions is the fact that marriage Africa is the bringing together of two healthy minds and bodies so that the future generation can be equally healthy and mentally and mentally sound. With the continent stretching for miles, many parts of Africa have been influenced by other religions in the world. Most of the north African countries bear direct influence of Muslim traditions and rituals. While those of south Africa and East Africa bear direct influence of Christian and even Hindu marriage traditions. Besides the clergy both the parents of the bride and the groom play an important role in African Traditions. Preparations for marriage begin at an early age in many of the tribal societies. Young girls are taught to be ideal wives and good mothers by the elder women of the community. Most of the times women maintain their own secret language and codes while communicating any such idea before the male members.

Whether you are in North Africa or in the south Africa, African Traditions related to marriage can be elaborate and long lasting. Extensive dowry and smart gifts are an integral part of African Traditions. However, most surprisingly there are still many tribes in Africa, where the man must give dowry to the bride's family in the form of cattle and ships. Every new marriage may cost the man as many as 30 to 40 cattle. Polygamy is also a popular practice in many parts of Africa. However, polygamy is considered to be punishable offense and is hardly practiced by any lady. If a wife loses her husband after an untimely death, she is immediately married to the next prospective groom in the family. In countries like Somalia men may keep as many as four wives. If he gets divorced with any of these wives the children remain with the father who divides these children among his other wives. It is also not uncommon for a girl in Africa to get engaged to a man even before she is born.