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Home » Caribbean traditions

Caribbean traditions

When it come to wedding the Caribbean traditions stands out. Like any other festivities or the way of life the people of the islands also celebrate the marriage with much joy and gusto. Many of the traditions are adapted from United States but are blended well with the local culture. The Caribbean traditions include an unusual blend of African as well as European culture. It is hard to find such an amazing combination in any of the world. These traditions give a distinct touch to the Caribbean wedding. For this reason many people from across the world come to Caribbean Islands to get married.

In Caribbean Islands there are different traditions in different islands. But they have something in common too. As a part of the Caribbean traditions the bride as well as the grooms get dressed in the best clothes that they have and to walk from the house of the bride or the groom to the church when the church bells ring. With the church bells the wedding is announced to the entire island. People from te entire village then gather in the street to see the would be couple. It is also a popular custom that the villagers pass comments on the dress of the bride as well as the groom. According to Caribbean traditions almost all the guests are invited by the words of mouth. There are only a few honored guests who receive the invitation letter. The good thing about the island wedding is that every one is invited in the wedding whether he or she is invited or not.

As a part of the Caribbean traditions the groom requires no best man. The father of the bride or both the parents of the bride accompany her to the wedding venue. The wedding ceremony is a combination of different cultures like Mayan, African and catholic. After the ceremony the groom gets h chance to kiss his bride. The Caribbean wedding traditions include drums, music, dancing an sweet rum punches. Toasts are raised for the happiness of the bride and the groom.

The Caribbean traditions of wedding also include a typical island feast which includes a lot of meats with a lo of spice. The traditional black cake is also a typical tradition of the wedding. The recipe of the cake is handed down form generation to generation. The cake is served with a rum sauce. The cake includes a lot of dry fruits. There is also a cork pot in which a lot of fruits are soaked in rum for weeks or for a year.

According to the Caribbean traditions the newly wed couple travel to a nearby island or spend time in a home away from friend and family. The trip of home is finances by the groom. After the trip they begin a fresh lease of life. Thus the Caribbean wedding is one of th most exciting wedding with all its exotic cultures and traditions that will thrill you from the core of the heart. You will also be surprised at the warmth of the people and the beauty of the wedding venue.

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