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North American traditions

North American traditions of wedding can be named among the most flexible and vivid tradition in the entire world. North American wedding traditions have many cultures and many wedding traditions. All these traditions make wedding of North America an amazing experience.

The Mexican wedding traditions form a major part of North American traditions . The traditions bear influences of the cultures of Spain, France as well as the ancient and rich cultural traditions of their own which dates back to the civilizations of the Aztecs. The North American wedding traditions also include the wedding traditions of the United States.

These wedding traditions are heavily influenced by almost all the countries as well as all the cultures of the world. This makes the wedding traditions of the United States very rich. The Canadian traditions on the other hand are very much influenced by the English as well as the French cultures.

North American traditions includes Mexican tradition of wedding. In Mexico it is a custom that during the time when the couples take the vows, a white ribbon or a rosary is draped all around their necks. The ribbon or rosary is called the lasso and it signifies the coming together of the couple. Another popular custom is that the groom presents thirteen gold coins to his bride during the ceremony. It signifies the commitment of the groom to support his wife. Another custom includes tossing of red beads at the time when the newly wed couple leaves the church. This is done to insure that the couple has meets with good luck in life.

According to North American traditions in the reception of a Mexican wedding a custom is very popular. The wedding guests form a heart shaped circle which encompasses the newly we couple at the time when they dance together for the first time as man and wife. A pinata which is made in a paper mache technique is filled with candy is hanged from the ceiling. The children at the wedding try to break it with a stick. When the pinata is broken the candies in it are distributed among th guests.

As the North American traditions the American brides used to wear white gloves as a symbol of modesty and at the same time of romance during the Victorian era. The tradition still continues in recent times as several brides also wear the white gloves as a part of the romantic expression. The people of the United States usually share a practice of writing vows for their wedding ceremonies. In this way they can communicate their love and sincerity in their own words to their love.

According to the North American traditions every wedding come to an end end when the couple exchange wedding rings which is a circular ring with no beginning or end. The ring signifies eternal love. They also kiss each other to ensure the union in front of the people who matters to them the most. Popular North American traditions also include wedding gifts. Wedding gifts are chosen well by the friends and family to help the newly wed couple to set up their new home as well as life together .

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