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Pacific Island Traditions

With the sapphire gaze of the Pacific Ocean swathing the pearly beaches, the Pacific Islands are land of immense natural beauty. The three divisions of Pacific islands lying to the south of Tropic of Cancer are Polynesia, Micronesia and Melanesia. Pacific Island traditions of marriage are different in different cultures and regions.

Marriage is the eternal bond of love and respect between two couples. Different traditions celebrate this bondage in different styles.

Pacific Island traditions of marriages are different in different lands.

Hawaii Wedding Traditions

Hawaii, the island of beauty and charm has a gorgeous wedding tradition. The “ Hawaiin Wedding Song”, sung in the movie “ Blue Hawaii” by the legendary Elvis is a integral part of a Hawaiin wedding. Both the groom and the bride wear white and a red sash is tied around the waist of the groom.

Leis, a kind of flower garlands are worn by the bride and the groom in Hawaii wedding. Leis are made of beautiful and fragrant flowers of the Hawaii Island. Leis are the symbol of respect and love. Each Lei has around 50 fresh flowers, all tied with a nice ribbon. Leis are integral part of Hawaiin marriage traditions.

Fiji Wedding Traditions

Fiji has its own distinct marriage traditions. As per custom in Fiji the groom presents an expensive gift to the father of the bride. The traditional present is a whale’s tooth, which is the symbol of wealth and status.

Samoa Marriage Traditions

The Samoan brides wear wedding gowns of tapa cloth, which is obtained from the bark of mulberry. The wedding dress is adorned by a mother-of-pearl crown and fresh wedding flowers.

Philppine Marriage Traditions

In Filipino culture marriage rituals and engagement traditions are very important. In the early days, Philippine had the tradition of the man who was proposing matrimony would fling a spear in the front of the house of the girl he wanted to marry. This was the prelude to the engagement process of Filipino. Then the groom with his family would go to the house of the bride to ask for the girl’s hand in marriage.

The traditional dress of a Philippine groom is an embroidered shirt made of lucent fabricand black pants and the bride wears her best dress on the day of marriage. The wedding bouquets are decorated by orange blossoms. The church is also decorated with orange blossoms. Several witnesses and sponsors of the wedding ceremony have various responsibilities. The bride’s veil is pinned to the groom’s shoulder by the first witness. This is the symbol of oneness of the bride and the groom. Next, a white cord is hung on the neck of the couple representing the eternal bond between the couple. Then on either side of the unity candle, two candles are lit. Then the bride gets gift of thirteen coins, which with the blessings of the priest symbolizes prosperity and faithfulness.

Wedding traditions in Pacific Islands are varied and interesting, like the beautiful diversity of these charming islands.