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Scandinavian Traditions

The Scandinavian Traditions of wedding are very beautiful and meaningful. In that part of the world people do not like to make haste in the marriage affairs. To them marriage is considered as a serious thing that unites two human beings for life. Such a thing should not be taken lightly and must undergo many traditional rituals so that the newly wed couples can have the blessings of the entire society. In some areas of Scandinavia even the engagement ceremonies can strech up to three to four days. This allows the couples to know each other in a better way before wedding. In this long ceremony the couple can see each at the moments when they are looking their best and at moments when they are looking the worst. These traditions thus allows the couple to know a great deal about each other and to decide whethre they both will be happy or not.

The gates of honor is an age old custom among the Scandinavian Traditions of wedding. The old tradition started hundreds of years ago. In Denmark in front of the home od the bride an arch made of pine branches is set. This beautiful arch is known as gets of honor. Another popularly exercized tradition in te wedding reception of Denmark is that the groom dissapears during a part of the ceremony so that all the men who are unmarired can kiss the bride of the wedding. In the same way when the unmarried girls kiss the groom the bride also dissapears. Another popular Scandinavian wedding Tradition is that the bride and the groom cuts the wedding cake together to ensure good luck. The cutting of cake hoding the knife together helps the couple to keep the evil spirit away from them. After the cake is cut all the guests in the weding eats a slice of the cake.

The Cowning of the next bride to is alos among the popualr Scandinavian Traditions. In finland it is a popular tradition that the would be bride gets out of home carrying a pillow case to collect her weding gifts. As she does so a maried man who is olderthan her walks along her side to hold an umbrella over her head. This umbrella or parasol works as a symbol of shelter as well as protection. In finland the bride traditionally wears a golden crown as a part of the Scandinavian Traditions. During the wedding reception her eyes are covered with a pirece of cloth and she is spun around. Meanwhile the unmarried girls keep on dancing around the bride and the bride has to put the golden crown on any o9f them. On whom the bride places her crown is considered as the next to get marired.

In Norway when a couple gets maried the friends and family plant two pine trees at the sides of the front door of the couple to ensure fertility as a part of Scandinavian Traditions. In Sweden the mother of the bride put a fold coin in the right wedding shoe and the father puts silver on eon th left to ensure that the bride never gets poor. In Sweden the bride wears the rings as well.

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