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Marriage Surprises

Love enters your life like a surprise; the ingress of love in your life may be like a bolt of lightening or the first blush of spring. Do net let this surprise wipe away by a formal and full proof wedding plan. Keep some magic provisions for marriage surprises in your wedding.

Finding your soul mate is the solid foundation laid for a strong relationship. Marriage is the beautiful and happy ending of love. Plan your wedding with some sweet and tangy marriage surprises for a tasty marriage ceremony, the prelude to a nice life, wholesome with every type of flavors.

Marriage surprises are part of the marriage ceremony. Plan a gala wedding with some dazzling surprises to make the ceremony beautiful and interesting. First is wedding invitations. Surprise your guests with glamorous invitations. Make marriage invitations. You will get nice invitations from several stores or you can design your own marriage invitations.

Then plan your make up and hairstyle in a surprising and different way to look special on your wedding day. It is very important for the bride and the groom to look their best on their wedding day. Below are some tips for surprisingly good looks for the bride:

Its better to wear white or ivory white dress, the colors will make your skin look mellower at night and you can apply make-up in profusion. With a white dress cover your shoulder with a red shawl, the contrast will make you look stunning.

Depart from elaborate cuts and wear simple cuts for a sober look. You can wear red lipstick, which will make you look gorgeous on your wedding day. If you want to dramatize your lips, go for some shimmers in gold, bronze or silver.

Eyes are the places from where drama originates, it is the first vehicle with which you communicated with your beloved earlier. Donít let your eyes look non-glamorous. You can either go for solid colors, which will contrast the shimmer on your lips or you can go for shimmers in your eyes too. Shimmer on eyes will make you look stunning on the day of your wedding.
Go for some unique hairstyle for a different look on the marriage day.
The groom can wear something different from the traditional wear or can go for designer wear befitting his personality. The grooms can look different by applying gel on the hair.

The venue of marriage is one of the things, which can add a lot of surprise to marriage. Different marriage venues of marriage can be marriage surprises. If marriage ceremony can be held in a beach, it will be unique and fun for the couple and their relatives and friends. The groom and the bride can take their marriage vows amidst the parly sands and azure waters. Nature will bless the couple.

Marriage vows can be written in a lyric or poetry. Such vows will be unique and will make your marriage different.

There are several other things, which can make your marriage surprising.