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Types of Marriages

Various cultures across the globe have various traditions and rituals associated with the solemn ritual of Marriage. The western world and the eastern world vary a lot in these rituals and traditions. The two worlds also differ in their take on marriage, as there are more than one Types of Marriages. Different Marriages are approached in different ways, some prefer one type of marriage, whereas some prefer the other. In the western and European societies, the type of marriage that is legally acceptable is monogamous, but in many eastern countries polygamy is still practiced. Open marriages are also becoming popular among few pockets of the society, around the world. In western countries, divorce is not that complicated too, unlike some eastern countries.

In the western world Types of Marriages have also evolved according to the contemporary scenario. In modern day marriages, the duties of the parents towards their children are equal. The mother has an equal right, as the father. Among the various Types of Marriages, Marriage for the purpose and need of immigration is also practiced by many international pupil, especially in countries like Australia. These Types of Marriages result in permanent settlement for the spouse who does not belong to that particular country. In western societies, love marriages are more in vogue than arranged marriages. Two consenting adults decide to tie the knot and share a healthy relationship of trust and commitment. Arranged marriages are far and few, as parents hardly play any part in deciding the partner of their children.

In some eastern countries, polygamy is still practiced and considered legal by the society. In polygamy, a man can have more than one wife. But this practice is gradually becoming obsolete as the modern world is changing its outlook towards marriage. Even in China, this practice is no longer prevalent. Many Muslim societies practice polygamy, especially in the Middle East. Polyandry, where a woman marries more than one man, is practiced too, but this too is very far and few, practiced in some tribal societies. Various norms and practices are accepted in various societies, sanctioning different Types of Marriages. Christianity insists on monogamy as it gives rise to a healthy and prosperous relationship between two individuals.

There are several Types of Marriages practiced in the world, in different societies. Some of these are Love Marriage, Arranged Marriage, Child Marriage, Boston Marriage, Covenant Marriage, Common-law Marriage, Endogamous, Fleet Marriage, Exogamous, Flash Marriage, Group Marriage, Monogamy, Polygamy, Polyandry, Mixed Marriage, Heqin, Digital Marriage, Human-animal Marriage, Interreligious Marriage, Levirate Marriage and many more unique Types of Marriages. Some of these are scarcely practiced nowadays, and are very rare.